Prof. Ahmed F. El-Sayed


I'm a Professor in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Zagazig since 1983.
I formerly served as Chair from 1999-2005. I've established three research groups in Zagazig University:

  1. The first is associated with particulate flows in industrial applications in 1990, which focuses on both solid and liquid particulate flow and its applications. Such applications included: Air Pollution, cyclone separators. Erosion of compressors and fans of aero-engines, aircraft propellers, , internal combustion engines (ICE), and pipe bends, Water ingestion in axial compressors, and Ice accretion in intakes of turbofan engines, Effects of volcanoes on air traffic. Effects of Bird Strike on Aircrafts and Engines.
  2. The second research group is associated with aerodynamics and dynamics of automotive. Members of this group are from Egypt, United Kingdom and Germany. This group focuses on both aerodynamics and handling of road vehicles. It develops codes and experiments for defining aerodynamics of single car (passenger, truck or semi-trailer) and interference between two vehicles in parallel drive. Driving through tunnels. Method for reducing drag forces through add-on-devices. Special related topics are fuel economy, flow visualization and vehicle handling performance under strong side winds.
  3. The third group handles aerodynamics and dynamics of wind turbines as one of renewable energy sources. Research work included aerodynamics of HAWT and VAWT as well as aero-elasticity and dynamics of Darrieus type VAWT. As a principal investigator, I got over LE 1.5 M from Arab Organization for Industry (AOI) for designing, manufacturing and erection of two HAWTs generating 20 and 100 kW. Five turbines were manufactured by AOI and erected in Delta and Red Sea.


I've worked as visiting professor in eight countries including USA, UK, Belgium, Libya, Austria, Japan, China and Syria.
I've given lectures all over the world including US Air Force Academy, Springfield, Colorado, USA on foreign objects and birds striking aircraft, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA on Impact of Volcanoes on Air Traffic having 2010 Iceland Volcano as an example in, Von Karman Institute, Brussels, Belgium on Aero-Thermodynamic Analysis of Intakes of Airbreathing engines in, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH, USA on Design of Aircraft Engines in 21st century, Tokyo Metropolitan University for Graduate Studies, Japan on Air Pollution in Under developed Countries, Tsinghua University in Bejing, China on Erosion of High Bypass Ratio Turbofan Engines, in Graz, Technological University, Austria on Foreign Object damage and aero-engines.
I had participated in several research projects with Rolls Royce, Derby, Westinghouse, Pittsburgh, and Arab Organization for Industry, Cairo, Egypt.
I've lectured in several civilian and military colleges/academies in Egypt, UK and USA.
I'm a member of more than 10 institutes, societies, syndicates for engineers and listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Science and Engineering and Who’s Who in Education.
I was awarded several excellence medals from Egyptian government, Universities and syndicate for engineers.
I extensively lectured in Thermo-Fluid topics, Aircraft Propulsion, Gas Turbine Engine Design, Mechanical Engineering Design and Engineering drawing.

Researches & Publications:

My research in aircraft propulsion, industrial gas turbine performance, and design of its modules is published in six books including Aircraft Propulsion and Gas Turbine Engines; Taylor & Francis/CRC Press, Feb 2008 as well as more than 70 technical papers.
A second edition of Aircraft propulsion and Gas Turbine Engines is planned for 2014.
Another propulsion book entitled:
Fundamentals of Aerospace Propulsion; Springer, UK is also planned for 2014.
A third book to be entitled:
Foreign Object Damage and Aviation; Taylor & Francis/CRC Press is planned for 2014.
Professor El-Sayed is currently accepting consulting, short courses and long term offers.

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